Perception and Sound STEM Education KIT (SNPSTEM-001)

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by sound, from the way we verbally communicate, to the ambulance rushing past. We associate sound with different objects and events, from people and machines to alerts and rewards. This workshop activity introduces the concept of sound being a wave, that our ears hear, and our brain makes an association with. A demonstration will take place, where students can observe how different waveforms look, and what they sound like. After being introduced to the topic, students are guided though an exercise of creating their own tones to associate with an action, using a square, triangle and sine wave generator.

Introducing the new Nuvotion STEM Sound Generator! This product is shipped fully assembled, tested and documented. It comes with all the necessary documentation to start experimenting with audio tones, using square, sine and triangular wave shapes.

Perception and Sound STEM Education KIT (SNPSTEM-001) includes the assembled electronics and circuit board, speaker, battery clip and 9V battery.

As used in the Engineers Australia Women in Engineering Event April 2016
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