Nuvotion offers bespoke consulting services to a diverse range of entities, such as sole traders, startups and entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME),  multinational corporations, and community institutions. We provide holistic design, prototyping, testing, evaluation, computer analysis, product design and supplier services. Our clients have desired outcomes, and it is our responsibility to provide those outcomes for a reasonable fee.

Our three pillars are engineering, education and innovation.

We innovate though our engineering practices, applying disruptive technologies to reduce both price barriers and time to market. We recognise that designing, developing and fabricating products is only part of the solution, so in addition to traditional engineering design, we provide mentoring and professional advice. Our basic philosophy is that our clients success is our success, and vice-versa.

Nuvotion provides the consultation skills, abilities and technical services to bring an idea, concept or dream to a tangible product. We guide our clients through cumulative stages, from minimal viable product right through all the phases of prototyping, to a production ready solution.

We also offer wholesale products in relation to training and education. These products are both tangible physical products, as well as technical services and training, including workshops.

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The word ‘Nuvotion’ is a portmanteau of the French word for new (nouveau), innovation and education. Nuvotion was conceived whilst the two co-founders, Nick Owen and Duncan Hames, were undertaking an internship at the University of Bordeaux. The capybara was chosen as the company mascot because it, too, was an ‘alien’ in France, yet it found a niche and thrived in its new environment. From these beginnings, Nuvotion was formed in 2015. We are based in Melbourne, Australia.