Nuvotion was formed in 2015 by co-founders Duncan Hames and Nick Owen. We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

The word ‘Nuvotion’ is a portmanteau of the French word for new (nouveau), innovation and education.

Nuvotion was conceived whilst the two co-founders were undertaking an internship at the University of Bordeaux. The capybara was chosen as the company mascot because it, too, was an ‘alien’ in France, yet it found a niche and thrived in its new environment.

Upon returning to Melbourne, Nuvotion wasted no time in setting up an operational base. Inspired by the resilience, resourcefulness and adaptability of the capybara, Nuvotion seeks to integrate these qualities in everything we do.

Nuvotion has a strong focus and engagement with small and medium sized business. Our drive and passion is engineering solutions for our clients needs. Our expertise is in electro-mechanical design, electronic design and sensor interfacing.

We believe that to create optimal design, the problem has to be fully understood. The tactical approach to this philosophy is that the Nuvotion engineers live and breathe each project, from initial consultation, to delivery and beyond.

We never walk away from a project, and we always finish what we start.

In addition to industrial consulting, we also give back to the community in the form of education. Education is a passion of ours; we believe that a healthy industry demands a smart workforce, we support this by offering internship opportunities and training workshops.

Together we have a wide range of engineering skills, combined with industry experience. Our knowledge base spreads across electrical, electronic, mechanical, mechatronic and sports engineering fields.

Our raison d’être is to make a difference in the world by:

  • improving technical education standards
  • consulting with industry about ways they can improve their efficiency, through technology
  • embracing and supporting the open source movement
  • employing, supporting, and improving open standards