Nuvotion primarily specialise in electronic, electro-mechanical and software solutions to real world problems, in industry and education.

Our industry experience as technicians, combined with post graduate studies in engineering, after having both returned to study as mature adults, has equipped us with a unique blend of skills. We design solutions with an aim to strike an optimum balance between cost effectiveness, time to market, and minimised maintenance.

We pride ourselves on our in-depth problem analysis. We go to great lengths to understand the fundamental issues for whatever the project may be. We believe that only by arming ourselves with a solid understanding of the problem, can we expect to arrive at the most appropriate solution.

Negotiating scope with open dialogue and transparency is how we operate. Communication is a key element of any agreement. We are adept in technical translation, from industry jargon to layperson terminology.

Some examples of projects we have worked on include (in approximate chronological order:

Docking Station for data logger

  • Linux-based Single Board Computer (SBC)
  • 4G modem
  • Charging LiPo
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) programming
  • Automated data download
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) time sync for SBC and connected device

Data logging accelerometer

  • System architecture and planning
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and manufacture
  • Firmware programming
  • Nearly 24 hour battery life, logging at 10Hz
  • 9-axis Intertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • Real Time Clock
  • SD Card for data logging
  • USB for LiPo battery charging and data download
  • Resin 3D printing and resin casting for enclosure manufacture

Engineering and construction of art exhibition

  • Design consultation on manufacturability of artists intentions
  • Design of interconnection and installation methods
  • Fabrication of 36 tree-shaped plywood panels, with joins, up to 3m x 3m
  • Engineering report with safety sign off

Electronic consultation & programming for medical calibration device

  • Consultation to determine optimum hardware selection
  • Assisting with electronic schematic development
  • Firmware programming in C
  • PID control algorithm for temperature calibration
  • LCD output

Control board for whisky distillery

  • Consultation with client to determine appropriate solution and understand processes
  • Selection of appropriate hardware to allow for control and data representation
  • Compliance with explosive atmosphere safety requirements
  • Installation and cabling of temperature sensors and level switches
  • Programming sensor interface and distillery processes into Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Designing and implementing Graphical User Interface (GUI) for touch screen based Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Electronically characterising flow meter
  • Developing control algorithm to enable totaliser functionality

CNC router engineering

  • Advise client on machine purchase to fit budget
  • Install and testing of purchased machine
  • Re-programming G-Code interpreter
  • Auto tool change calibration
  • Workflow evaluation and optimisation in conjunction with client

CAD, DFM & rapid prototyping for 3D visualisation

  • Working with client to produce accurate drawings of existing model
  • Providing advice regarding materials
  • Design For Manufacture
  • Rapid prototyping to finalise existing, half-finished control system

Animatronics for MYER Christmas windows

  • Mechanical and electronic control systems

Multi-zone moisture sensing solution for a native plant nursery

  • Signal conditioning
  • User interface
  • Retrofit into existing infrastructure

Electro mechanical installation at The Block Arcade

  • Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Mechanical actuation
  • Customised Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

Complete electrical system design for 10.5 metre power catamaran

  • LED lighting
  • DC to AC inverter
  • Solar power & petrol generator
  • Electronically controlled, hydraulic actuator engine controls for twin outboards
  • Multi-function navigation system with auto pilot and GPS
  • ‘Dashboard’ design and fabrication for operator control

CAD services for engineering compliance of large scale retail installation

  • Liaise between manufacturers and structural engineers
  • Provide accurate drawings and material specifications

Earthquake simulator as educational aid

  • Mechanical design and fabrication
  • Sensor interface
  • Data capture