A member of Nuvotion’s extended family recently opened a restaurant on the Bellarine Peninsula, and they asked us for help with a LED-illuminated sign.

With artwork supplied, we worked through the following steps:

LED signage – internal

  • Fabrication and powder coating of an aluminium shell
  • Fabrication of a face made from opal acrylic, with rebated edges so that the acrylic face sits nicely on top of the shell
  • Modify supplied artwork to suit adhesive vinyl application
  • Vinyl cutting of logo and installation to opal acrylic face
  • Procure long-life LEDs with IP67 rating, suitable for outdoor installation
  • Procure quality power supply with 7 year warranty and IP65 rating
  • Install LEDs and cabling with proper enclosures for further waterproofing

The finished product came out quite well (the dark spot on the right is from the power supply being temporarily placed inside the box for testing)

LED signage – finished and illuminated

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