Over the past 4 months, Nuvotion has been working closely with Battleist, a startup who have developed an innovative drift racing telemetry system.

PCB design

Battleist Printed Circuit Board prototype design

Battleist was developed by drifters, for drifters. It is smashing the barriers to data-rich telemetry systems, which have up until now priced most individuals out of the market. Battleist are bringing the cost down, from thousands to hundreds of dollars, by utilising commodity hardware and the ubiquitous smartphone. Not content with just making it cheaper, Battleist are adding features, to involve spectators and scorers in real time.

Battleist developed an initial concept to validate their idea. This helped to prove their algorithm, and solidify their belief that the product was worth pursuing.

When Battleist approached us, we were immediately enthusiastic, as we love motorsports and we could see the potential in not only the product, but the team making it.

Low volume prototype production

Low volume prototype production

After sorting out the formalities, we got to work: designing circuitry, selecting components, minimising cost, and preparing the electronics and circuit board for the harsh environment of a drift car.

We went through multiple Printed Circuit Board (PCB) revisions, some produced in house, some outsourced. Top secret code names such as Herbie, Bigsby & Red Panda were deployed. We had late nights, preparing last minute prototypes for upcoming events. We had pizzas. We had beer. We had fun!

Keep an eye out for Battleist in the coming months, we think they’re onto a winner.