Last year we posted about building the control board cabinet for New World Whisky Distillery. The system has now been operational for many months, and the commissioning phase is winding down. We have been steadily introducing features and debugging, whilst working around the distillery’s busy¬† production schedule.

Nick getting stuck into some wiring

Nick getting stuck into some wiring

A “traffic light” tower was installed on top of the control board to give a quick visual status indication to the brewing staff. Green means everything is OK, yellow means their attention is needed, and red means Bad Things have happened.

On the left hand side you can see, from top to bottom, the main power switch, the green reset button, and the red E-stop. Standards dictate that if the E-stop is depressed, the system should not be able to re-energise when the E-stop is returned to the normal state. Hence the reset button needs to be pressed, to ensure that re-powering the system is a deliberate action.

The cable tray with the orange cable houses higher voltage on one side and signal cable on the other.

On the inside of the door, the rear of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) can be seen, above a row of three push buttons and three lamp indicators.

From the HMI, the distillery operators can control process variables, such as trigger temperatures, steam power levels, and timers. Control of pumps and solenoids is also available. Automated processes can be configured, started, monitored, and stopped.

Wiring of HMI & front controls

Wiring of HMI & front controls

Overall we’re pretty happy with the result, and most importantly the distillery is running full steam ahead. Such a terrible pun could not be avoided, sorry!

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