Nuvotion recently completed engineering and constructing an installation at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

The installation is titled Uneasy Seasons, and is designed by renowned contemporary Australian artist Fiona Hall.

Fiona Hall - Uneasy Seasons @ NGV

Installation entrance

Nuvotion worked closely with the exhibition design team at NGV. We began the project by laser cutting a scale model. We showcased our agility by processing it over the weekend and helping to get the go ahead for the proposal.

Whilst safety is always a paramount concern for any Nuvotion project, this project added an extra dimension due to the target audience being comprised of young children and teenagers. We worked constructively with NGV to suggest careful modifications to the artistic design, which not only preserved the overall aesthetic, but also improved safety and ease of construction.

With a tight timeline from budget approval to project delivery, we had a few late nights at the factory, a few of which turned into early mornings! All of the tree shapes in each hut required post processing to achieve the right finish and appearance. The “Send A Message” trees have a black stain whilst the “Who Lives Here?” trees had an oil applied.

Uneasy Seasons - Rolling the midnight oil

Rolling the midnight oil

Nuvotion designed a system to fix and locate all of the trees, ensuring the rigidity of the structure would withstand wear and tear over a 6 month installation period.

Uneasy Seasons - construction of Who Lives Here?

Construction of Who Lives Here?

We also put our laser cutter back into good use; creating some snap-fit plywood boxes for use in the desks, and cutting an MDF template so that NGV’s excellent carpenters could route in the text above the entrance.

Laser cut snap-fit boxes

Laser cut snap-fit boxes

The end result in both rooms is quite amazing and is a testament to the hard working guys and gals at NGV, with a little bit of help from Nuvotion along the way!

Uneasy Seasons - Send A Message

Uneasy Seasons – Send A Message

We could not have got the project done without our helpers:

Nuvotion NGV crew

Nuvotion NGV Crew

From left to right: Trish, Phil, Flavio, Duncan, Sam & Nick.

Nuvotion would like to publish a heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped us out, we owe a few favours! Thanks also to Tom Harris, Doug & young Tom at Footscray Maker Lab. Finally our appreciation to Tara and Peter at NGV for the opportunity to be involved in such a fun project.