A project that we’ve been working on recently is to modernise a clients medical device. The device was originally designed in the mid 90’s, and whilst it is a perfectly capable design (irrefutably evidenced by a 20 year production run), the microprocessor at the heart of the design is now becoming quite expensive due to its rarity. The client decided that it was time to refresh the product and benefit from the relentless integration that typifies modern microprocessors, and modern electronics in general.

LPC11U68 LPCXpresso Board

image courtesy of Embedded Artists

The requirements of the new system were:

  • replicate existing functionality
  • introduce USB functionality for ease of programming and updates
  • reduce cost and simplify manufacturing by embracing integrated components

After careful deliberation, we picked the NXP LPC11U68 microprocessor, which had all of the required features at a good price.

In the spirit of open source and giving back to the community, Nuvotion would like to share the LCD library for the ubiquitous Hitachi HT44780-based 16×2 LCD. We used LPCXpresso with LPCOpen to develop the code. The code itself was based on a contribution from a user called “James” on the NXP forums. The code should work with other NXP microprocessors with the appropriate modifications.

Click here for a zip archive of the C source code and header file

Please post a comment if you use the files.

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