Nuvotion is committed to promoting education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The Nuvotion Perception and Sound workshop is designed for a broad age group of primary and secondary school students. In partnership with Victoria University, we deployed the workshop as an excursion for the Women in Engineering Event at Quantum Victoria.

Eighty students from metropolitan Melbourne participated in three Perception and Sound workshops. Not only was the deployed workshop content developed by Nuvotion, the supporting hardware was designed and manufactured at Nuvotion headquarters (FML).


Workshop Presenter Nick Owen

The workshop was designed to emphasise the idea that engineers design sounds for specific purposes. For example, an ambulance alerting people to get out the way, a smoke detector alerting building occupants after detecting smoke or a flat battery, or a buzzer at an intersection alerting pedestrians when it is safe to cross the road. The activities introduced the concept of sound being a wave, that our ears hear, and our brain associates with memories.

STEM Sounds Generator

STEM Sounds Generator

A presentation took take place where students were introduced to the fundamentals of sound. After being introduced to the topic, students were guided though an exercise of creating their own tones, to associate with actions, events and emotions.

Class room

Workshop In Action

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